Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Book Club: Ape House discussion

Ape House: A NovelI realize I never posted a spot for discussion of our last book club selection, and a few people have asked about it, so I am putting this up now, even though it's a couple of weeks late. I'll be curious to hear people's thoughts on this one.


Stephie said...

i will begin the discussion. I was disappointed with this book. I totally loved Water for Elephants and this one was def. not even close to being as good. I found all the parts about John and his wife annoying and boring. I often was mentally punching both of them.

i was also a tad creeped out by the descriptions of the apes behavior. how many times do i need to read about genital rubbing? once is plenty. i get it. the apes like that kinda thing. After reading about that for the 5th time or so, i started to think the author is a bit of a perv for apes. then the parts with the bar patron watching the apes on tv were totally weird.

I would have preferred the story to have more of a focus on Isabel. Her storyline was much more interesting than John's marital problems.

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