Tuesday, March 29, 2011

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Is the Criterion Collection Too Cool?

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

rebirth of the Aztec empire

When I decided to go to SDSU for my MBA, athletics was the last thing on my mind. I didn't even know the school mascot before I was accepted into the graduate program, and it wasn't until my older brother said "So you're going to be an Aztec?" that I learned where my new allegiance lay. Thankfully it was a cool, unique mascot, since my previous association was with St. John's Red Storm, something I always considered particularly lame (though I could understand the change from Redmen - but why not just drop the Red entirely and find something new?)

When I arrived in San Diego in January 2006, there was absolutely no talk of the Aztecs on a national level.  The Mountain West Conference as a whole was a bit of a joke, and SDSU in particular barely stood out even within the city limits.  Yes, the basketball program was showing signs of life then, as they were in the midst of putting together a 24-9 season, a school best at the time.  But even then there was little talk of the team and, not really being much of a basketball fan myself, it was only the fact that my roommates and some mutual friends decided to go to a game that I happened to tag along and see the Aztecs play in person for the only time in my life so far.

My friends did not pick this game by chance though.  An Aztec victory in this game would guarantee the team a spot in the NCAA Tournament.  Forty minutes of ball later, and we were rushing the court to celebrate the team's ticket to the big dance.  And suddenly I was a fan of college basketball.

Read about the rise of the Aztec basketball team on ESPN

Which is why it has been great to watch the school put themselves on the map of college athletics these past few years - a laughable football team in years past beat Navy in their bowl game this year, Tony Gwynn coached Stephen Strasburg to a #1 overall draft pick as a pitching phenom, not to mention championships in swimming, diving, golf, and other under-the-radar sports.

And now we're making another run at March Madness.  Five years ago, the team I witnessed thrilled us just by reaching that level.  This year, we've nabbed our first Tournament victories and are in the Sweet 16. Their double overtime win over Temple last weekend was a nail-biter classic, and proof of their legitimacy in the basketball world.  And as great as it must be to be a student there right now, I am glad I've had these five years to watch them grow and earn their place in the realm of college sports.

For another take, read this Sports Illustrated writeup

Monday, March 7, 2011

Book club: The Death of the Adversary discussion

The Death of the Adversary: A NovelOur discussion spot for last month's book club selection, The Death of the Adversary.  I can say right now that I didn't like the book at all, so it won't surprise me if there is no discussion of this one and people just want to move on.  (Not that we have had discussion at all on any book, but maybe eventually we'll get some momentum behind this.)

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Law and the Multiverse

Is shooting Wolverine attempted murder when you know he will heal?  Is telepathy hearsay?  Is Bizarro insane or just incompetent to stand trial?  Is life imprisonment cruel and unusual for an immortal?  Finally there is a place to find answers to all these pressing questions:

Law and the Multiverse